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perfect for summer

heels for summer

After eyeing these Madewell sandals for the past two months, I finally got them last weekend while shopping with my mom while she was visiting (thanks mom!). 

Don't forget to sign up for the beach tour emails if you want updates on visiting New York area beaches this summer (the first email is going out tomorrow).

everyday necklace

necklace from amy wings design

I love a bold necklace for special occasions, but for work / life I tend to pick a delicate piece and wear it daily. This new tiny blossom by Amy Wing is perfectly pretty for day-to-day wear.

check it out!

bekka palmer on sneakpeeq

Have you heard of sneakpeeq yet? It's a fun shopping site with new deals every day. They are just starting to have their favorite bloggers and pinners add curated pages. My page went up this week, so check it out!

style and comfort

comfortable vs cute shoes

Living in New York has made me more aware than ever about the comfort level of my shoes. If I can't walk 2 miles in them, then I won't leave the house in them. I've been trying to find the perfect blend of comfort and cute, and it seems like this season there are lots of choices for me!

summer shoes

wedge shoes from kate spade

kate spade new york has done it again... This year's wedge is cute as a button, and perfectly colored for spring and summer.

it's here

baggu spring colors

It's finally here.... SPRING! Today I am drinking iced coffee, wearing a skirt (with no tights) and then I received an email from Baggu with their new spring colors. I am *so* very happy.

take three: wedding in mexico

take three: mexico wedding

Guess who is headed to Mexico next month for her cousin's wedding? That's right, this girl, and I'm packing this outfit!

style file / spring in february

kicking in the sun

Don't know about the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, but New York has been feeling like spring the past couple of weeks and I could not be happier. Bring on the skirts, dresses and lightweight jackets!

salmon tights in dumbo

seeing pink

think pink

take three: primary

take three primary style post

Keep it simple with primary colors.

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