{seo q & a} what is the best way to spell this term?

Megan from Not Martha asks: Which is the best form of “paper-mache” to use if you’d like a craft project to be Google-able?

An easy way to see which version of a word is most searched on Google is to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It’s a free tool from Google that shows the average monthly search volume for keywords. Just input the multiple versions into the tool and click “Search.” Then you can sort by largest to smallest search volume to find out which is most used by searchers.

For different versions of the same word, Google will generally lump them into a single keyword because Google knows that everyone searching for and using that term on their blog are referring to the same thing. Therefor, you can use the grammatically correct version and it wouldn’t make a big difference for people searching.

One thing you could do for commonly misspelled words is to add a note at the bottom of your post with something along the lines of: Papier-mache is commonly misspelled as paper mache, paper-mache, paper-mâché or papier-mâché.
This way you get all of the versions in your post without looking like you don’t know how to spell.

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