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{seo q & a} what is the best way to spell this term?

Megan from Not Martha asks: Which is the best form of “paper-mache” to use if you’d like a craft project to be Google-able?

{seo q & a} why is this list inaccurate?

SEO Q & A with Bekka, Why is this list inaccurate?

Jan from Poppytalk asks: Why are reports like this “Top 150 Design Blogs List” inaccurate?

{seo q & a} what is PageRank?

SEO Q & A with Bekka, What is PageRank?

Our first question comes from Chelsea at Frolic!: What is PageRank?

PageRank is a number calculated by Google to determine how popular a page is on the web. PageRank takes into consideration over 500 million variables to determine a page’s popularity. Unfortunately, the PageRank numbers made public by Google are no longer valid as they ceased updating up the publicly available PageRank.

seo q & a

seo q&a with Bekka

Some friends suggested I write about SEO (search engine optimization) on my blog since I have worked in the field for nearly three years. At first, I was hesitant because I don't want this to become an SEO blog, but I'm open to the idea of occasionally answering questions specific to design blogs. If you have a question email me hello [at] mintedcondition [dot] com, with the subject "SEO Q & A." I'll pick questions I think have general appeal to a wide range of bloggers.

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