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sunset from studiomates

You know it's going to be great when Raul comes running into the studio and says, "Come quick, grab a camera!" We made it down the hall just in time to see this orange sunset; the best part is the sunset reflecting off the Empire State Building. Talk about a magical New York moment.


Gosh, the wall looks

Gosh, the wall looks gorgeous. Such a perfect moment!!

well that is gorgeous!

well that is gorgeous! You're so lucky to have the sunlight streaming into your windows!

perfect! love the golden

perfect! love the golden reflection on the empire state! oh can't wait to be there in december for 18 days!!! yay!!! :) hugs!

So perfect! Good catch. :)

So perfect! Good catch. :)

@Nicole - totally! @Will -

@Nicole - totally!

@Will - thanks Will, xo.

Just beautiful.

Just beautiful.

Beautiful shots. They make

Beautiful shots. They make working until sundown worth it!