new york

space program: mars

tom sachs

Sunday afternoon (after regretfully canceling a beach day) a friend invited me to see an exhibit that I had been dying to see. The Tom Sachs Space Program: Mars exhibit was one of the most delightful shows I have seen. There could not have been a better inclement weather activity.

tom sachs mission control

more beach...

beach day calendar

coney island

kites on coney island beach

The weather wasn't quite as good as I had hoped, so my original beach plans for Saturday were canceled. But Sunday morning rolled around and it was gorgeous outside. A few of us went out to Coney Island to spend the afternoon in the sun, eating Nathan's hot dogs and even taking a trip on one of the newer roller coasters.

seeing new york

violinists in the subway

new views of new york

empire state building from the brooklyn bridge

My friend Paul was in town for Memorial Day weekend. Having a visitor around is a great excuse to do some touristy things. Above is a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, you can see the empire state building peeking out between the cables.

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