an important conversation

oil spill art and t shirt

i have seen a serious lack of outrage regarding the oil spill in the gulf. usually in a situation like this i see the art community, online and offiline, band together to help. either creating things to raise money for a cause, or creating things to increase awareness.

if you are like me, i think it's due to a feeling of complete helplessness. bp had a huge leak and you'd think they would have a way to fix it, but apparently they have no solution. i literally sit stunned in front of my computer every time i read a new article about the spill or see new images.

i think it's time to do something. if you know of artists, writers or designers doing something important to alleviate the spill, please leave a comment.

i've pulled together a few pieces to read:
is the bp gusher unstoppable? on mother jones
what bp should have said on good

and some things you can do:
join the poppytalk oil spill response market (better hurry, closes june 20)
purchase from a group of etsy sellers donating all proceeds to help clean the gulf

// images from ornithnoblogical and etsy