green thumb


white blossoming trees in a row

It seems like overnight these trees blossomed to welcome spring. I wish I knew the name of them because they seem to be lining every street. They smell fresh and clean and have me excited for warmer temperatures.

white blossoming trees with building

just because

animal planters

These little guys are pretty cute. My home needs some serious green right now.

flower power

alexander mcqueen spring 2007 collection

Whoa! Enough said.

// Alexander McQueen's spring 2007 collection via VOGUE

almost spring

ditte isager photographs

Happy March everybody! I am so happy that spring is just around the corner. I'm ready for spring blooms like these captured by photographer Ditte Isager.

// photos from rep gitte anderson, also visit for more

easy breezy

malin elmlid

Do you ever see a home tour / lifestyle shots that make you wonder how they look so easy breezy? That is exactly what happened to me when I saw this interview and photoshoot of Malin Elmlid. Her home and her style is gorgeous, relaxed and girly all at the same time. How does she do it? See the entire interview an tons of photos on Freunde von Freunden.

a winter bloom

winter tulips

winter tulips are just the pick me up i need for the beginning of january.

// photos by hermie carino top, bottom

stylish flowers

Stylist Noemi Bonazzi

I've been on a kick lately to study more stylists' styles. Loving these floral still lifes by Noemi Bonazzi.

{outside & in} planters and parties

wallter planters & unison home cocktail napkins

planters outside the gate, cocktail napkins for you and your mate

// wallter planters {available now!} & unison home cocktail napkins, found both of these products at dwell on design

plants on the wall

these have been making the blog rounds lately, but it doesn't mean i want them any less. the insitu wall planters add a grouping of potted beauty to any wall, while the woolly pockets make you feel like you are living in a jungle. visit the woolly pockets gallery for a plethora of ideas for using these pockets.

grow your own food

food map container

no, it's not a bathtub, it's a food map container.

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