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yard sale

to do {clean, clean, clean}

per gunnarsson interior

Sigh. I will only stop cleaning when my house looks like this.

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// photo by Per Gunnarsson via from scandanavia with love

to do {clean + tidy}

photos by kontor kontur

These images from creative studio Kontor Kontur are just the inspiration I need to tidy and clean this weekend. Guests will be here in a few weeks and I need a jump start on my spring cleaning!

to do {relax + clean}

for like ever

I have been wanting this Tracy Jenkins For Like Ever print for a while now, looks like a new edition (in new colors!) will be coming out soon.

Anyway, on to my list!

to do {thank yous + little things}

striped house in milford, connecticut

A striped house!! Who does that? I would for one, but I won't be purchasing a gorgeous house like this anytime soon. In the mean time I can work on my to do list in my own home and perhaps paint some stripes on the wall one of these days!

to do {cooking & valentines}

andy warhol letterhead & heart cups

I am completely inspired to get work done around my home whenever I see Anna from Door Sixteen post a weekend to do list. This woman can get serious business done in a matter of days. I might be able to hold myself more accountable for my weekly to dos if I announce them here.

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