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People keep asking me why I'm moving to New York, and honestly it's hard to give the answer that people are looking for. No, I don't have a job offer, no I've never lived there. It's something I've wanted (dreamed about) for a long time and I just decided now is the time. It's not just New York that I want though, it's a whole lifestyle change. The people I know there work hard, like really really hard, and I want that. I want to be tired at the end of every day. 

I've heard a few people say that when they moved there their life was exactly the same as it always was. I do not want that to happen to me. I've been thinking a lot about what I want out of this move and I think the list above captures my thoughts. Could I do these things from anywhere? Of course, but I would still be dreaming of doing them in New York, so I'm making my list public. Next time you see me ask me if I'm doing one or all of these things, if I say no, you have permission to slap me.


Beautiful! End envy--that's

Beautiful! End envy--that's what I'm taking home with me from your page. Thank-you. :)

I think it's very brave to

I think it's very brave to make such a move-just came across your blog-I must say I feel the same way about Boston as you do NYC-so I know the awkward answers you give people to make them accept your decision! It's all about following your gut, & if it's not okay with others, things will work out for you & they'll say, "oh, I get why she chose that path" :) I'm still trying to make it to Red Sox nation, but I think this poster is Beautiful & leaves such great reasons to start somewhere new that can produce your best perspectives & feelings about life! Good luck with the rest of your NYC journey!

oh this is good! i will print

oh this is good! i will print this and add it to my board above my office table! i love how you set your mind to and i also relate to your dreams, because i have been dreaming about living in new york since i was... 6? and i am not even american, nor i live there! i live in lisbon, but my nanny, who i still call mom, and i am 30 :) moved to ny when i was 5, so that became my dream ever since! i understand your wishes, though now i do not want to be tired at the end of the day... i want to be fulfilled. i want to live a less stressful life, though i won't move out from lisbon to the country because i love everything it has to offer. i want to work hard, but i want to have room for everything else in my life that i consider important. and that means that work is just work, will be there when i get back. still, i want to be able to keep doing what i love. and work hard in the working hours. after that other parts of life happen as well. you'll rock in nyc! i know it! and in 5 years you'll have a lot to tell about that change in your life! hugs!

This is so great Bekka ! I

This is so great Bekka ! I hope you are loving NYC! Moving and changing is the best thing in the world :)

You know what's funny, I feel

You know what's funny, I feel the same way about moving out west. I cant really explain why I want to but there is something there that draws me to it. I do have a question though, is it really true that people out here on the east side are crazed work-a-holics compared to on the west coast?

i think this is just awesome.

i think this is just awesome. when i was 19 i moved to london. all alone (and not quite legally...oops!) it was just what i'd always wanted to do. i must have been a lot braver then. you are brave and i'm sure you'll LOVE IT!

I agree with it, work hard,

I agree with it, work hard, make myself tired at the end of the day, I will feel fullfilled.

I love this a thousand times

I love this a thousand times over, and you've put to words what I've been trying to implement in a new phase of my life. Best of luck with your move to NYC. I've only been there once, but it was truly magical. Xo, Katie

@Jennifer - thanks so

@Jennifer - thanks so much!

@Colleen - you should move there, big adventure!

@Nikki - I hope this is the Nikki I think it is, and I know you will slap me.

@Chelsea - thanks Chelsea! I am so happy to be doing something new!

Wow! That's amazing. You go

Wow! That's amazing. You go girl!! Can't wait to follow your adventures.

I will totally slap you.

I will totally slap you.

Good luck with the move. I've

Good luck with the move. I've only been to NYC once but it is such an amazing city - I'd love to live there!

go bekka! congratulations on

go bekka! congratulations on your move and i hope it is everything you want and imagine. im sure the journey is going to be a wonderful one! all the best of luck

@Emily - Thanks! I'm am so

@Emily - Thanks! I'm am so very excited to move, but a little nervous as well.

@Megan - Yes! Come visit when the weather is nice!

I think that those are all

I think that those are all legit reasons to move to New York. Plus, with you there, it is more motivation for me to come back and visit. You will be great and successful there - I have no doubt

Hi Bekka, recently came

Hi Bekka, recently came across your blog. Congrats on the move to NYC. I'm about to hit my 4 year mark living here. Although it can have its frustrations, it's really like no other place (in the US, anyway). Good luck with the transition and enjoy it! Sounds like you're in a great frame of mind.