new views of new york

empire state building from the brooklyn bridge

My friend Paul was in town for Memorial Day weekend. Having a visitor around is a great excuse to do some touristy things. Above is a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, you can see the empire state building peeking out between the cables.

everything is not art

if art is everywhere, art is nowhere

It drives me a little nuts when I hear someone say, "Everything is art," because if you expand the definition of art to include everything, then the word becomes essentially meaningless.

i love new york

new york photos by bekka palmer

I had a few free hours today so I took a bus from New Jersey to Manhattan and did some wandering. I ended up spending a little while at Madison Square Park (one of my favorite NYC parks) with my camera. It was meltingly hot, but worth every minute!

new york phots by bekka palmer

things i'm loving right now

things I love

A few things I am loving right now... all bright and colorful as I am trying to hold on to summer.

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