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color wonder

kirra jamison drawing

Gorgeous illustration by Kirra Jamison, titled Livin' on a prayer.

big smile

the simpsons alphabet

This Simpsons alphabet gave me the biggest grin!

// designed by Fabian Gonzalez available as a print at Society 6


everything is going to be okay

Sometimes you just have to tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. Head on over to the Pugly Pixel for a fun tutorial on creating a letterpressed look like this in Photoshop!

stand out

stand out from the crowd with a custom favicon

I have so many blog-world friends using Blogger that when I open all of their blogs in tabs (guilty, I usually have no less than 50 tabs open) they all start to look the same. I would love to see more people taking advantage of custom favicons in Blogger.

As a favor to other chronic tabbers, I am offering a new favicon update service.

balloons & feathers, oh my!

hot air balloons and feathers

Lately I've been inspired by hot air balloons and paper feathers. Just you wait and see what I have cookin'! Don't forget to sign up for the Minted Condition newsletter to be the first to hear about special updates.

colorful pair

colorful paintings and prints

I wouldn't mind having this colorful pair in my home!

// top painting by Malene Landgreen, bottom print by Sugar Fresh

colorful cubes

simon page cuben 2010 prints

Cuben 2010, a series by Simon Page makes me want to pull everything off my walls and replace it with these bold, colorful prints.

// some prints available to purchase from Simon Page, via iiiinspired.

to do {clean + tidy}

photos by kontor kontur

These images from creative studio Kontor Kontur are just the inspiration I need to tidy and clean this weekend. Guests will be here in a few weeks and I need a jump start on my spring cleaning!

project thirty three

project thirty three

The owner of Jive Time Records in Seattle has been collecting geometric album covers and posting them at Project Thirty Three. The end result is an inspiring array of rectangles, circles, dots, squares and triangles that remind us what we can accomplish with a few simple shapes. You won't see gradients or 3D effects on these posts, just bold and beautiful shapes.

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