March 2012

so blue

jorinde voight painting

Love these blue swashes from Jorinde Voight!

park slope

pink door in park slope

So, I haven't really introduced you to my new 'hood yet. Welcome to Park Slope, or I should say South Slope. I live on the south edge of Park Slope, a neighborhood known most for its new-age parents. In the past few months I have come to know it as so much more (and luckily on the south side we don't get too many of these people).

easy saturday

flowers photo by bekka palmer

Sometimes you just need an easy Saturday. Workout, eat, read, nap, read, eat, go for a walk, cook, eat, have a beer. It's nice not to have any plans and just see where the day takes you. I just need to get over that nagging guilt that I didn't do any work today (*gasp* one whole day without work?!?!?).


bekka palmer's week

How is it Friday already?! Sometimes the weeks fly by so quickly I lose track of the days. Here's some snaps from my week. 

summer shoes

wedge shoes from kate spade

kate spade new york has done it again... This year's wedge is cute as a button, and perfectly colored for spring and summer.

for the love of books

I have always been a reader, I love burying myself in novels. I read on the train, before bed and on the weekends. Basically, anytime I have a spare moment I can be caught reading. Here are my recommendations and to-read list for this month.

A few books I just finished

books I'm reading

just because

animal planters

These little guys are pretty cute. My home needs some serious green right now.

make a list

lists to make lists about

the weekend

little moon

Last week and the weekend had some beautifully sunny days... The moon (above) was peeking out from behind my apartment building and the sky was so blue. I've said it before, but these changes in weather have me smiling.

it's coming...

spring clouds

The other day I saw these bright orange fluffy clouds trying to break through the rain clouds... if that is not a sign that spring is coming then I don't know what is.

happy friday

bekka with a giraffe

Happy happy Friday! I'm looking forward to a little (big) CrossFit competition, lunch with this cool lady, and dinner and cake with new friends. Maybe I'll even relax a little?

it's here

baggu spring colors

It's finally here.... SPRING! Today I am drinking iced coffee, wearing a skirt (with no tights) and then I received an email from Baggu with their new spring colors. I am *so* very happy.


I'll let you in on the secret to success. The truth is, there is no secret, just show up and do the work that needs to be done. Don't get distracted trying to keep up with everyone around you. Don't dwell too much on the past, and don't spend all of your time worrying about the future. Keep your head down, show up every day and work as hard as you can. If that doesn't bring you success, then at the very least it will bring you respect.