October 2011


self portrait of bekka palmer

// self portrait by bekka palmer

doing nothing

doing nothing

Whatever happened to the art of doing nothing? Why do I feel guilty for not doing something "productive" every, single day? I have been reading Leo Babauta's new book The Effortless Life and am realizing that it's okay to take a day off and just *gasp* have fun for an entire day. You should try it, it's superb.

weird find

joshua cornell box

I came across this random collection of scanned ephemera from artist Joseph Cornell on Pugly Pixel today. It was super random, but kind of fun to make collages from the downloads available.

ny moments

sunset from studiomates

You know it's going to be great when Raul comes running into the studio and says, "Come quick, grab a camera!" We made it down the hall just in time to see this orange sunset; the best part is the sunset reflecting off the Empire State Building. Talk about a magical New York moment.

dear future roommate

apartment hunting

Shoot me an email at bekka@mintedcondition.com if you have something for me!

good enough

good enough threshold

If I always worked until a project was perfect I would never finish a single project. Good enough is good enough for me.

where i work

Studiomates Tattly office

I took a few shots around the Tattly offices / Studiomates on Friday.

// top to bottom, left to right: Paco the floating fish in time out, Tattly vending machine, the water cooler (has eyes), wall of Tattlys in retail packaging, hot sauce library (also has eyes), Tattly inventory

Photos by Bekka Palmer