August 2011

dear swiss miss

dear swiss miss, I will work for you!

I tend to find resumés quite boring, but mine is available here (PDF) and it includes references.

everything is not art

if art is everywhere, art is nowhere

It drives me a little nuts when I hear someone say, "Everything is art," because if you expand the definition of art to include everything, then the word becomes essentially meaningless.

we're just different

boys and girls are just different

Boys & girls are just different.

// illustration by Bekka Palmer for Minted Condition


Jocelyn Duke Paintings

You know who is rad? LA-based artist Jocelyn Duke, she's also pretty nice. She recently updated her website with a slew of new work, so check it.

// paintings from her LOVESICK series, see also: painted TOMS

door stops

wedge door stop

Recently, I have been looking to replace the ugly necessities around my home. These doorstops
from Thorsten Van Elten would be a great alternative to the average rubber eyesore.

you love it...

Jaime Van Wort Poster

...yes I do.

// poster by Jaime Van Wart via grain edit

see me talk

inbound marketing

lake union

summer in seattle by bekka palmer

I was in Seattle last week for MozCon and to visit friends. We took a beautiful sunset walk around Lake Union before I had to go. I miss Seattle summers dearly, but winters... not so much.

// photo by Bekka Palmer for Minted Condition


thank you

Oh man! I am completely overwhelmed by the comments, emails and tweets I have received about my upcoming move to New York. Just wanted to say "thanks" to everyone who has reached out to offer their support!

hello new york

photograph by bekka palmer of new york

It's official. I'm moving to New York at the end of the month! I cannot wait for this big change in my life and a big thanks to all of the friends and family who are supporting me in my move. I'm looking forward to big city adventures, new friends and new opportunities.

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