April 2011

fringe fashion

photo by Stefano Galuzzi

This girl is having so much fun. If I wear wearing that fringe dress I would be dancing too.

// photograph by Stefano Galuzzi for D la Repubblica Magazine via La Feem

{seo q & a} what is the best way to spell this term?

Megan from Not Martha asks: Which is the best form of “paper-mache” to use if you’d like a craft project to be Google-able?

lucky enough

I was lucky enough to have a good friend come visit this weekend. It gave me the opportunity to take a long weekend and visit the San Diego Zoo (which I had yet to see in my three years living here). We spent an afternoon at the beach and I could not have been happier laying in the sun. I think it has been one of my most relaxed weekends to date. I need more visitors for this very reason!

// all photos by Bekka Palmer

color fill

knitted potholes

Juliana Santacruz Herrera is making the world more colorful one pothole at a time.

// top, bottom

flower power

alexander mcqueen spring 2007 collection

Whoa! Enough said.

// Alexander McQueen's spring 2007 collection via VOGUE

general store love

products from brook farm general store

I have always loved the simplicity of Brook Farm General Store.

who knew?

malene birger aio skirt

Who knew one of my favorite home shops, Huset, carried clothing? Not me until this morning. I was browsing and came across this to die for striped skirt by Malene Birger.

summer dreamin'

dreaming of france

Without fail, when the weather starts to warm up every spring, I daydream of France. I have been lucky enough to go to Europe nearly every other summer since the age of 14, and every spring I get the itch once again. I have no plans for this year, but definitely next! Happy Weekend everyone!

// photograph by Bekka Palmer

paper puppets

furze chan paper puppets

I've mentioned how much I like these before, but I was just thinking of them again when brainstorming fun things to have at a party. Smilebooth props perhaps?

// paper puppets by furze chan

{seo q & a} why is this list inaccurate?

SEO Q & A with Bekka, Why is this list inaccurate?

Jan from Poppytalk asks: Why are reports like this “Top 150 Design Blogs List” inaccurate?

beauty file: sterling style

taylor sterling beauty picks

I have been wanting to start a beauty bit on the blog for a while now, but always feel as though my own beauty picks are so boring. Taylor, from Sterling Style was kind enough to step in and share her picks with us! We "met" online and share a passion for crossfit and style; blogging brings all the right people together. Thanks Taylor!

not enough time

H Jackson Brown quote: Don't say you don't have enough time

Sigh. I must remember this, as I find myself saying, "I don't have enough time" all too often.

party on your shirt

boo and boo tiny brooch

These tiny brooches from Boo and Boo Factory scream "PARTY!" I would wear one of these whenever I felt like having a mini party on my shirt.

// left, right via Design Milk

carry a cloud

baggu shabd

I'm going nuts over this Shabd collaboration with Baggu. Those totes look a lot like cloud prints, no?

// shabdBAGGU

nice typewriter

Hey Twiggy, nice Typewriter you got there!

// Henry Wolf for Olivetti 

colorful pair

colorful paintings and prints

I wouldn't mind having this colorful pair in my home!

// top painting by Malene Landgreen, bottom print by Sugar Fresh

murder mystery

I absolutely love these prints by Aled Lewis which are now available to buy at In PRNT.

// murder mystery print

to do {clean, clean, clean}

per gunnarsson interior

Sigh. I will only stop cleaning when my house looks like this.

  • clean
  • clean
  • clean

// photo by Per Gunnarsson via from scandanavia with love