March 2011

captured romance

Love these romantic images from Portillon, one of my new favorite photo blogs.

// top, bottom

clean and simple

haus interior shop

Love everything at Haus Interior, it's a well-curated shop with clean and simple lines.

colorful cubes

simon page cuben 2010 prints

Cuben 2010, a series by Simon Page makes me want to pull everything off my walls and replace it with these bold, colorful prints.

// some prints available to purchase from Simon Page, via iiiinspired.


anthropologie table setting tool

Oh gosh, I could spend hours days playing with Anthropologie's new tabletop design tool. What a fun way to browse through their table collection. Bravo, Anthro, you have me loving even more of your dishes and creative marketing.

{seo q & a} what is PageRank?

SEO Q & A with Bekka, What is PageRank?

Our first question comes from Chelsea at Frolic!: What is PageRank?

PageRank is a number calculated by Google to determine how popular a page is on the web. PageRank takes into consideration over 500 million variables to determine a page’s popularity. Unfortunately, the PageRank numbers made public by Google are no longer valid as they ceased updating up the publicly available PageRank.

closets & books

I love an apartment or home tour that shows bookshelves and closets. These two things are like private little spaces that we so rarely get to see. You can know a lot about a girl by how she keeps her closets and what books she keeps on her shelves. This space is from the stylish apartment of Laura and Diego Garcia as seen in Vogue.

to do {clean + tidy}

photos by kontor kontur

These images from creative studio Kontor Kontur are just the inspiration I need to tidy and clean this weekend. Guests will be here in a few weeks and I need a jump start on my spring cleaning!

milton glaser words of wisdom

You can only work for people that you like -Milton Glaser

I periodically go back to Milton Glaser's Ten Things I Have Learned to review his advice. I always feel refreshed and inspired when I read his wise words. His number one is "You can only work for people that you like." Brilliant and true, when you like the people you work for then work doesn't really feel like work anymore.

the makers

Have you heard of The Makers? It's a beautiful photography project by Jennifer Causey. She documents people making things and the final photographs are stunning. She snaps the mundane objects that people work with everyday and makes them into art.

// pictured above is Saipua on The Makers

olive manna

This paper and textile shop has the cutest, simple goodies. Check out Olive Manna for their supplies (and great styling).

give a little, get a little...

confetti system for japan

....something from Confetti System. They are donating 100% of proceeds from this ornament to Earthquake Relief Efforts.

// hat tip to Oh Joy!

seo q & a

seo q&a with Bekka

Some friends suggested I write about SEO (search engine optimization) on my blog since I have worked in the field for nearly three years. At first, I was hesitant because I don't want this to become an SEO blog, but I'm open to the idea of occasionally answering questions specific to design blogs. If you have a question email me hello [at] mintedcondition [dot] com, with the subject "SEO Q & A." I'll pick questions I think have general appeal to a wide range of bloggers.

project thirty three

project thirty three

The owner of Jive Time Records in Seattle has been collecting geometric album covers and posting them at Project Thirty Three. The end result is an inspiring array of rectangles, circles, dots, squares and triangles that remind us what we can accomplish with a few simple shapes. You won't see gradients or 3D effects on these posts, just bold and beautiful shapes.

pillows with a twist

Loving the textures on these fringe-y pillows from cb2. The would be an easy and affordable room to add texture to any room.

// white shred pillow, grey + white gingham pillow, grey noodle pillow honorable mentions

I want to give a big shout out to our honorable mentions from the Style.Play.Work.Shop Contest! Clockwise from top left we have ChantaleP, Shannon Mary Flaherty, Tracydmc70 and Lara Bobo. contest! winner

style play work shop contest winner

The verdict is in! A huge congratulations goes to Dabito from Old Brand New for his photo being chosen as the best styled. He had great colors, lighting and perspective (and that tea? yum). We will be contacting you to set up your subscription to Anthology magazine.

thoughts are with japan

heart japan

My thoughts are with Japan this morning as I watch the devastating news. West Coasters be safe today. If you want to help you can text redcross to 90999 to make a $10 donation. It will be added to your next cell phone bill. Or go to to make a donation in any amount.

spring break

spring clothing

The best thing about packing for spring break? You don't need very much: sunglasses, bathing suit, cover up, sandals and a good book. I wish I were currently packing for spring break, but I'm sitting in rainy New Jersey, so I'll just dream about lounging on the beach.

hot pink love

zara spring looks

I have been seeing the Zara spring lookbook all over the blogs this week, and with good reason! The bright colors have me so looking forward to pulling out my spring wardrobe, especially these hot pink pants and jacket.

// look 3, look 2

style file week six

bekka's outfits for one week

Whew! The style file series is over (for now at least). It was getting quite difficult to wear different outfits everyday and make myself presentable each and every morning. I am one short of 30 photos and I'm okay with skipping that last one (I was on a plane all day Friday).

Check out Monique's wrap up post and see flickr for the whole set.

the coveteur

the coveteur

I have found a new favorite website just for gawking at cool people's closets. The Coveteur takes a glimpse into the closets of modern tastemakers. One of my favorite things about it is that they don't show too much, you can understand their philosophy from the quote in the header, "It's more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail - then you can dream all the rest around it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?" -Dries Van Noten

photographer friday: jen gotch

This amazing lady has single-handedly inspired me to get a polaroid camera. Jen Gotch has a massive collection of polaroid photographs on flickr and I can't find even one that I don't love. She is also half of the brilliance. I love when I find out one of my favorite creative people has a talent I was unaware of. 

portland friends part two

chelsea fuss and lisa waringer photographs

Here we go with part two of introducing my new Portland friends, looks like I'll have to have one more post on Monday to finish off the intros since I did not get around to them all this week. Oh, and if you missed part one, check it!

can't stop thinking about...

j crew tote

...this bag from J.Crew. I saw it in real life while in Portland and the detail on the handle has haunted me ever since.

plaid is rad

marc johns plaid is rad

Plaid is rad. From one of my favorite illustrators Marc Johns. Too bad I never get to his blog in time to buy the original drawings.

portland friends part one

tokketok and sally shim

Words cannot even describe how much fun I had in Portland last week. The best part was meeting new friends that I only knew through twitter and blogs. So today I want to tell you about 2 of the lovely ladies I met last week (more intros to come throughout the week).

almost spring

ditte isager photographs

Happy March everybody! I am so happy that spring is just around the corner. I'm ready for spring blooms like these captured by photographer Ditte Isager.

// photos from rep gitte anderson, also visit for more