February 2011

style file portland edition

This week's Style File is being delivered from the Portland (a little late). I've been here since Tuesday and had the most amazing trip. I'll be doing a recap next week, but here's a glimpse of my sartorial choices for this rainy (and snowy) town. Notice that it's all gray and black...

Don't forget to check out Monique's Daily Digs as she was in Portland with me!

colors + flowers

gucci fall 2011 by scott schuman

By far my favorite thing to come out of any of the fashion week shows so far is this Gucci Fall 2011 collection shot by Scott Schuman. It's so colorful and the floral shawls are to die for. And those high slits are everywhere this fall, love.

// top two & bottom left photos in part 2, bottom right in part 1

order order

ikea cookbook photos

My personal design motto should be "Give me grids, or give me death!" I mean, what is life without order, right? I always find myself coming back to these very orderly food shots for the ikea cookbook styled by Eveline Bratell, photographed by Carl Kleiner.

// originally seen on Today and Tomorrow

waiting for fall

antonio berardi pre fall 2011

Wait what? Did I just say waiting for fall? It's not even spring, but I am excited about these pre fall 2011 looks from Antonio Berardi.

// via style.com

write to me

How come I never receive letters on amazing letterhead? I wish I had been friends with Andy Warhol, he had some killer letterhead, and I bet he wrote imaginative letters on it too.

// Pixelflix letterhead via Letterheady


Spotted this lovely lady on The Sartorialist over the weekend and gasped with delight. She looks like she stepped out of another era. Gorgeous.

attention to detail

These typographic beauties are merely the titles from Insurance Maps produced by Sanborn Map Company™ between 1880 and 1920. Imagine if we still paid this much attention to detail on the title of every thing we produce? I imagine we would have a lot less stuff and it would all be much better looking.

// via Bibliodyssey

to do {relax + clean}

for like ever

I have been wanting this Tracy Jenkins For Like Ever print for a while now, looks like a new edition (in new colors!) will be coming out soon.

Anyway, on to my list!

style file week four

bekka's outfits for a week

I loved this week! We had Valentine's Day, so I had an excuse to wear not one, but three ban.do hearts (shoe clips + pin) and the weather turned a little gloomy, so I busted out hot pink tights to combat the rain.

photos to dream about

Love these stills from Chris Craymer's eccentric lifestyle portfolio!

essie love

essie peep show color

Just got this new Essie for J.Crew color: peep show. Love the way it looks on my nails, just pink enough without being blindingly hot pink.

geometric posters

paul gardner poster

Love these geometric screenprinted posters from Paul Gardner.

// via iso 50

{packing list} portland in february

I'm off to Portland, Oregon next week with Monique & Gary and cannot wait! I made the mistake of checking the ten day forecast and my Southern California self shivered when I saw 39 degrees as the high. I will have to pack some serious layers if I am to survive three days in that. How did I manage when I lived in Seattle? I don't even own a raincoat and somehow I made it through four Seattle winters!

a little doodle

light string doodle by bekka palmer

Spent some time doodling last night and this came out... kind of love it!

// a bekka palmer original!

binder clips

papelote office

Check out this most inspiring wall of inspiration made of equally spaced binder clips. I love the symetry of the foundation offset by the asymetry of the clippings. 

// designed by A1 Architects for Papelote stationery company, as seen on Archdaily

three sides

louis reith triangle drawings

I am a sucker for triangles. Give me three sides and I will probably drool. Loving these collages and illustrations from the talented Louis Reith.

// left, right

i love you more than

i love you more than this

Happy Valentine's Day!

// card form paperwheel press

lunch in style

lunch box alternatives

i usually bring my lunch to work about half the time, it's time to ramp up my lunch time style from a re-usable grocery bag to one of these cute alternatives.

// left to right: bright tiffins from shop twine, zoo lunchies penguin from skip*hop

double rainbow

It's so intense! What better way to end the week than with a double rainbow?

// streamer invitations from Caitlin Deltino, paint chip bike from Edgar Montano

style file week three

bekka's outfits

Here goes week three of the style file series! I am repeating pieces, but trying my best to get 30 different outfits throughout the entire series. I *gasp* had to wear flip-flops one day this week because I was just too tired to find something else. Before I started this, flip-flops were a daily occurrence, but I wanted to show off part of my vast shoe collection so I have been trying not to wear them to work. I do generally wear flats, and save heels for special nights on the town. 

yes, please

Anthropologie + wedding = I do! You must check out the new wedding line from the fine folks at Anthropologie called BHLDN. More sneak peeks on Oh Joy!

// as seen on glamour



say it with glitter

You can't go wrong when you say it with glitter.

// diy love garland on lovely indeed

opposites attract

paul octavious and hiroshi tazawa

The white out in Paul Octavious's photo gives me serious shivers, and makes me thankful that "cold" in San Diego is 60 degrees. Contrasted with Hiroshi Tazawa's photo of the ferris wheel in Luna Park, Australia, I can feel beads of sweat forming just looking at it.

high contrast

nicolas alan cope

Sometimes you find something that you love so much you feel like you were punched in the gut. That's what happened when I found Nicolas Alan Cope's Architecture II series in his portfolio. I actually said, "Oof!" when I looked at these. I love the contrast in these b & w architectural scenes.

too much stuff

This Too Much Stuff wallpaper from Flat Vernacular might be a little too much for most people's walls, but that's kind of the point, hundreds of tiny illustrations of stuff. It would be a good reminder to clean out your closet once in a while. Even if I couldn't bare to see this covering my walls, I still love the illustration style and the scale.

mini darth vader

// via vanessa joie

to do {thank yous + little things}

striped house in milford, connecticut

A striped house!! Who does that? I would for one, but I won't be purchasing a gorgeous house like this anytime soon. In the mean time I can work on my to do list in my own home and perhaps paint some stripes on the wall one of these days!

stripes + colors

Somedays it's fun to peruse the New York Public Library Digital Gallery to see what inspirational goodies they have in store. Other days you want some eye candy from your favorite fashion illustrator.

style file week two

bekka's outfits for a week

Back again with the second edition of my week in style! If you missed no. 1, get it here. Catch the full size images and a few outtakes on flickr.

easy breezy

malin elmlid

Do you ever see a home tour / lifestyle shots that make you wonder how they look so easy breezy? That is exactly what happened to me when I saw this interview and photoshoot of Malin Elmlid. Her home and her style is gorgeous, relaxed and girly all at the same time. How does she do it? See the entire interview an tons of photos on Freunde von Freunden.

letters to dream about

dana tanamachi chalk lettering

Gorgeous chalk lettering by Dana Tanamachi. I would totally hire her to letter a wall for a party!

// via a tweet from h&fj

there's still time...

essentials for style play contest

There's still plenty of time to get your entries in for next month's Style.Play.Work.Shop.Contest! and win a subscription to Anthology magazine.

I heard everywhere but California is suffering some pretty intense weather right now. I can't think of a more perfect setting for our cozy up theme! You probably have all of the essentials surrounding you right now so get styling!

cakes & feathers

ruffle cake and feather image

I have seriously been into pink hues the past few days (can anyone say Valentine's Day?). Here's a few of my favorite pink images both with rich texture.

// cake from sweetapolita, feather watercolor via lauren beck-slaten, this watercolor was listed without a source (thanks to the downfalls of tumblr) so if you know who it belongs to please let me know

an apple a day

fruit sticker valentines

An apple a day keeps love coming your way! These downloadable stickers from Twig & Thistle are perfect for a special surprise for your love this Valentine's Day.