November 2010

what to give...

With secret santa season just around the bend I thought it would be fun to round up a few gifts for hard-to-shop-for officemates. Sometimes you pick that name out of the hat from the one coworker you never get to chat with, but don't fret, there are plenty of gift ideas for people you don't know too well. Keep an eye on your secret santa for a few days? Do they always bring their lunch, or their morning coffee? Are they twitter addicts, or the type that always has a millions things in their USB ports?

what a weekend

weekend iphone photos

I had quite the weekend, I went to a friend's Thanksgiving dinner, Soiree at Compai Creative and did some unexpected holiday shopping since I was at the mall to get my iPhone fixed. 

braided necklace

braided diy necklace

I've been on a major clean-out spree around my house and have come up with a huge pile of t-shirts that I received for free at different events. Three of them were put to good use in this braided jersey necklace, which some people are calling a scarf. Which do you think it is?

// necklace instructions from, photos by monique

stylish flowers

Stylist Noemi Bonazzi

I've been on a kick lately to study more stylists' styles. Loving these floral still lifes by Noemi Bonazzi.

seb lester stars

Seb Lester Stars

This poster by Seb Lester stopped me in my tracks. I'm a star fanatic and when I saw the close up of this lettering it took my breath away. 

// available to purchase from keep calm gallery

an unconventional tree

ikea christmas tree

I found this tree in the ikea holiday catalog and immediately thought it would be a good fit for my gold & silver themed holidays. Overall, I'm quite pleased with my purchase, although there was a major design flaw that I had to address while I was decorating.

grace coddington

grace coddington

I watched The September Issue last night. All in all, amazing! What a look into the real life of Anna Wintour, I love that they asked her about her family's take on her career and captured her daughter in their home life. It made her seem like a real person instead of just the goddess of Vogue.

take me away...

stella nicolaison stylist

dreaming of these tropical bedscapes by stylist stella nicolaisen...

hijirik for the holidays

letterpress prints from hijirik studio

maybe it's the red cups at starbucks, or the fact that i visited someplace cold last weekend, but i am definitely getting in the holiday mood. i think it would be fun to switch out all of the prints in my living room with holiday colors, so of course i thought of hijirik studio. how great would it be to have these four out for the holidays in gilded gold frames?

looking for coat racks...

coat racks

i'm thinking it's time for a coat rack... bummed that i didn't get one from cb2 last year, they had some good modern ones.

photographer friday: laura sciacovelli

laura sciacovelli for vogue uk

what a perfect image to end the week. happy friday everybody!

// photograph by laura sciacovelli for vogue uk

the best of... running shoes

8 running shoes

a {special request} running shoe roundup...

Some people think that to be good for running, shoes have to be ugly, but that is not the case; you can find good looking + high quality running shoes! Usually I leave my run talk on my running blog, but these shoes were so colorful I had to share.

armistice day

american flag

“To us in America, the reflections of armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations.”

   Woodrow Wilson, Inaugural Veterans Day 1919

// photograph by jake belluci

evening glamour

anne hathaway for vogue

i need more excuses to dress up in formal wear. anne hathaway blows my socks off in these glamourous photographs for vogue.

// photographed by mario testino, styled by tonne goodman

take three: wear a bear

take three wear a bear

prepare for winter with a polar bear sweater...

1 { pella flats } 2 { madewell rail straight jeans } 3 { urban outfitters polar bear sweater } 

lanvin for h&m

yes, please! a first look at lanvin for h&m

// via nylon mag

make an entrance...


these two entryways look like they will transport you to magical places, just what I need on this gloomy monday!

// left: via house of turquoise, no information provided on the photographer or location. if you know leave a comment! right: by jose villa

confetti + off to seattle

confetti, photo by k bost

i'm off to seattle for a very special friend's wedding this weekend! i'll leave you in party mode with this confetti photograph
by k bost

gig posters

gig posters by vahalla studios

when a studio gets a gig poster right, they really get it right. there is not really a middle ground when it comes to designing for music, whether it's album covers or concert posters, either you get it or you don't. vahalla studios definitely falls into the former category; they hit these out of the park! all available from poster cabaret.

a pony & a latte

pony and a latte

i found the most random flickr stream titled the adventures of pony & latte, and i rather enjoyed seeing what the pony would do next! edition no. 2

style play work shop with compai and minted condition

welcome to edition no. 2 of if you missed edition no. 1 see my post. we had seven people submit photos to the group this time!

you had me at gilded...

gilded gold toms

do you ever see something and just know it was made for you? i almost choked on my coffee when i saw these beauties yesterday morning. i had no idea that toms could outdo my gold glitter shoes, but they did. if you have been living under a rock then you need to know that if you buy a pair of toms, a child in need gets a pair too. so, really my self-imposed no shopping till after the holidays doesn't apply to these, because i'm doing this for the kids!

geometric mobile

themis mobile

a fun geometric & colorful mobile by designer clara von zweigbergk for artechnica.