June 2010

more sequins

sequined clothes and accessories

my life really needs more sequins...

bike by me

bike by me bicycles

i love these customizable bikes from bike by me. i'm not exactly sure what the website says, since it's in swedish, but cool nonetheless!

// via veerle's blog

auto type

the good folks over at delicious industries have quite the collection of auto badges..

clean stripes

unison home striped bedding

i love this super clean striped bedding from unison home.

// left to right track poppy, martin lilac & tatami taupe

dwell on design for oh joy

come over to oh joy to see my coverage of dwell on design

i went to dwell on design over the weekend... go to oh joy to see what i found!

take three tuesday: sparkle

three piece sparkle outfit

turn heads with this week's take three tuesday!

1 { j.crew sequin drizzle tank } 2 { steve madden kasidy sandal } 3 { banana republic paper bag skirt }

new vintage clothing

dresses from ruche store

ruche, an online store features new apparel inspired by vintage items. i love their lineup of dresses that maintain a modern look with vintage details.

summer type

budmo jiggler typeface specimen

i'm usually very picky about my typefaces and tend to lean towards the high end ones. but lately i have seen budmo jiggler all over the place and i think it's a fun addition for casual invites or even blog layouts.

// budmo jiggler by itself is free, but is part of a larger family available for purchase at my fonts.

about this site

Mintedcondition.com is built using drupal 6 with a custom theme based on fusion. all of the layouts are created solely for this blog and are © 2012 Minted Condition. The typeface used throughout is Calluna by Exljbris hosted by TypeKit.

photographer friday: ginny

ginnerobot flickr photographs

i came across ginny's photostream while searching for photographs of vintage bikes. it's amazing where flickr can take you! i also am a sucker for those daily creations and she has a photo a day set for 2010.

the best of... emersonmade

emersonmade clothing and accessories

choosing the best of emersonmade is like choosing a favorite flavor of gelato. they are all delicious but, i managed to pick four items i would buy right now.

1 { summer clutch } 2 { e.a.t. linens } 3 { new! skirt with pockets } 4 { the big poppy }

*sorry i can't link to the specific items... they don't have individual urls.

a paper paradise

paper valise images

papier valise is a gem of an online shop. they have endless rows of new and vintage paper, glass, metal and plastic baubles. the blog {scissor variations} is a mecca for all things craft. if you oogle over nice displays of craft supplies like i do, this is the place for you!

// images from the {scissor variations} blog

inside out dishes

colors dishes

do you like your dishes with the color on the inside? these are so cute!

plants on the wall

these have been making the blog rounds lately, but it doesn't mean i want them any less. the insitu wall planters add a grouping of potted beauty to any wall, while the woolly pockets make you feel like you are living in a jungle. visit the woolly pockets gallery for a plethora of ideas for using these pockets.

about minted condition

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words to live by

3 posters with inspiring quotes

one of my favorite places on the internet is christine's words to live by board on pinterest. there is always a quote or quip to inspire or kick your butt!

take three tuesday: casual day

three piece outfit for casual summer day

wear this outfit on a casual summer day.. especially good if your office has too much a/c.

an important conversation

oil spill art and t shirt

i have seen a serious lack of outrage regarding the oil spill in the gulf. usually in a situation like this i see the art community, online and offiline, band together to help. either creating things to raise money for a cause, or creating things to increase awareness.

if you are like me, i think it's due to a feeling of complete helplessness. bp had a huge leak and you'd think they would have a way to fix it, but apparently they have no solution. i literally sit stunned in front of my computer every time i read a new article about the spill or see new images.

photographer friday: susan wides

i recently found susan wides and became immediately enamored with her photographs. i love the way her photos make people look like tiny toys in a setting. while she doesn't use a groundbreaking technique to get this effect, she does it particularly well.

// via jocelyn duke

command heart

great posters using apple commands from atmostheory.

love sheds

philip cooper loves sheds... fun and graphical shed concepts.

// via noisy decent graphics

a stormtrooper a day

photographer stéfan le dû captured these stormtroopers every day for 365 days and uploaded them to a flickr set. what's not to love? he combines two of my favorite things: daily creations with star wars.

if i keep finding these fabulous daily projects i'm going to have to start a new category on the blog!

elephants are for lovers

elephants have been my favorite animal since childhood. who can resist those giant ears!

grow your own food

food map container

no, it's not a bathtub, it's a food map container.

take three tuesday: nautical at noon

nautical style for a casual lunch or weekend jaunt.

world cup graphic evolution

world cup posters since 1930

the world cup is finally here, and people are cheering in the streets. in honor of the world cup, i found some of my favorite world cup posters from the past 80 years. i love the hand painted look of some of the older posters, they make me appreciate design before the advent of the personal computer.

the best of…

best picks from nordstrom.com

the best of nordstrom.com this week!

photographer friday: special guest bonnie tsang

saul leiter and lisette model reflection photographs

i like photographing reflections, rather it is from a window or mirror, it is interesting to see two worlds at the same time. there are two masters i really admire and they photographed reflections so well - saul leiter and lisette model.

-bonnie tsang

thanks so much for sharing these photographs bonnie! to see bonnie's work go to her professional blog, or for a daily dose visit her thoughts. visuals. captured blog.

everyday objects: coffee grinder

cuisinart coffee grinder

i'm a former seattelite, and while dwelled there i developed a raging coffee habit that i have not been able to break. in order to affordably fuel this habit i always make my coffee at home. i recently upgraded my coffee grinder, well, actually i received this new grinder as a gift. nonetheless it's a gift that keeps on giving.

books on the list

books i want to read

there are always too many books on my wishlist, but some i've been particularly lusting after lately include:
1 {the art of color: the subjective experience and objective rationale of color by johannes itten}

love & toast

love & toast packaging

i love this whimsy packaging by margot elena for her newest product line love & toast. i especially love the bicycle lip balm.
//via the dieline

another daily blog: daily calligraphy

daily calligraphy

as i mentioned last week, i love all of the creation-a-day blogs popping up. what could be better than calligraphy everyday? check out lila's quips & quotes on daily calligraphy. i might have to write her and request a favorite quote be turned into a typographic beauty!

animals in your kitchen

animal themed dishes

let your kitchen run wild with these animal pieces!

coolest crayons on the block

carved crayons by diem chau

i'm a sucker for attention to detail, and these are a true test of obsessive workmanship. i'm fairly certain i would break the crayon every time i attempted to carve one, but diem chou manages to make artwork out of the ordinary. yes, you can commission a set of your family or pets! 100% in love with them all!

// found via doodlers anonymous

take three tuesday: hot lunch

take three outfit for a hot lunch date

hot pink is the new black. wear this for your next hot lunch (date).

take it outside

outdoor furniture and accessories

it's the time of year for barbecues, picnics and dinner outside. get ready with bright pieces of furniture and equipment!

graphic content: pan am city guides

pan am city guides by george tscherny

beautiful pan am city guides designed by george tscherny in the early 1970s.

// found via a new favorite blog container list

photographer friday: hula seventy

hula seventy photographs

if you've been living under a rock, you may not yet have heard of hula seventy, for the rest of the world, andrea, the creative prowess behind hula seventy is having a sale in le shoppe, it only lasts till monday, though, so hurry!

everyday objects: notebooks

notebooks on desk

since i did a notebook roundup earlier this week, i thought i'd stay on the subject and do an everyday objects post on notebooks as well. i don't believe there is one great notebook, which is why i am currently using 4. i have the big miquelrius one with a grid pattern for major project notes and design sketches.

suit totes & banner bags

poketo bags from suits and banners

how fun are these bags from poketo? upcycled suits made into totes and city banners made into shopping bags. the banner bags are totally affordable and the suit tote is swoonworthy.. it would be so fun to carry a suit as your bag!

milky way

milk inspired home goods

a collection of milk inspired home items: seletti gold milk carton, gessato select milk bottle lamp, and milk drop inspired crown tray by masashi hanayama.


anna raff bird illustrations

i love the idea of creating an image or a photograph everyday and documenting it in a blog. my favorites include daily drop cap and a collection a day. I found a blog titled ornithoblogical, where illustrator anna raff draws a bird a day. her watercolor-eque illustrations are cheeky and fun, and have yet to fail to bring a smile.

penchant for pendants

muuto pendant lamps

i absolutely love when companies produce a full line of colors for one product. muuto has blown me away with these fun pendant lamps! i might put up the whole rainbow lineup or combine grey and yellow for a pretty display. the possibilities are endless.

most colors available online at a + r store or huset

a spring snowflake

snowflake shirt by option g

take a look at the floral detail in this snowflake, what a beautiful way to combine winter and spring. designed by option-g apparel.

take three tuesday: to the farmer's market

three piece outfit for the farmers market

this would be a perfect outfit for going to the farmer's market. can you tell I love dresses?

1{macIntosh dress from spool no. 72} 2 {max mini fedora from eugenia kim} 3 {chain anchor bag from cxxvi clothing co.}