May 2010

photographer friday: tal bright

tal bright minimal/abstract set

i can't get enough of photographer tal bright's minimal/abstract set on flickr. some of her work is copyrighted, but many pieces are licensed with creative commons, so share these with all of your friends (just be sure to credit tal bright!)

everyday objects: dish brush

ikea dish brush

i hate doing dishes and i don't have a dishwasher. i have purchased every dish-washing tool at bed bath & beyond in a quest to make dishwashing more enjoyable. nothing. not even the eighteen dollar oxo dishwashing brush with the dishsoap repository built-in makes doing dishes any easier. then, i bought a 99 cent brush at ikea.

surprise ball

surprise ball

the surprise ball is apparently just pretty a ball wrapped up with small surprises. and i want one. i don't want to spoil the fun for you, so if you want to see what's inside, hop on over to hula seventy. otherwise you can be surprised and order one from kiosk.

culinary florals

flower nesting bowls

use flowers in all of your meals with these daisy and orange bloom nesting bowls from spoon sisters

pin it forward...

pin it forward, what home means to me

Pin It ForwardI am so pleased to be a part of the Pinterest community, and luckily for me, I am partaking in Pinterest and sfgirlbybay's

dreamy beachscapes

dreamy beachscapes

I can't wait for beach weather here in San Diego.. while I'm waiting, I'll just stare at these dreamy beach photographs to pass the time.

party in your pocket

candles to go

take these candles anywhere for instant ambiance! from fred flare.

bike to work day

bike poster by the small stakes and basil bik basket

national bike to work day was last friday, and while i missed the opportunity to post before then, I did ride my bike to work! so, in honor of bike to work day, here is an adorable poster by the small stakes and a basil bike basket, available in the u.s. here. i own this basket and it's the best!

take three: weekend breakfast

three piece breakfast outfit

three pieces for an easy weekend breakfast.. you know, the kind of breakfast after a long night out!

get pixelated

pixel tape and colored pencils

get pixelated with tape and colored pencils from fred flare.

the best of™

i spend a ridiculous amount of time cruising™ looking at shoes. i figured, since i spend so much time weeding through their thousands of women's shoes on a regular basis, I should share my weekly top picks here.

superior sonicare the well designed toothbrush

sonicare toothbrush

my sonicare toothbrush has quickly become my favorite everyday object. my old toothbrush was invisible to me.. i never really noticed it even though i used it multiple times each day. this toothbrush is design genius. i went out of town for a few days and brought a regular toothbrush because i didn't want to carry the charger.. that was a huge mistake. i didn't appreciate the amazing features until i recognized their absence.

run, bekka, run

running outfit

it's been a few weeks since my last race, and i think it's time to get motivated to run again. maybe a new run wardrobe will get me back out there...

take three: summer outfit

take three summer outfit

three piece outfit: 1 {roxy dress} 2 {faryl robin wedges} 3 {vanessa mooney necklace}

sunday pancake party

pancake party

some friends and i had a design*sponge inspired pancake party over the weekend. we were joined by a furry friend who was only in it for the aunt jemima! i designed the name cards and made the garlands. all of the girls brought something for the party and the whole thing turned out great despite the cloudy weather!

notebooks abound

I am a little completely obsessed with notebooks. I usually have at least 2 in my purse and a few sitting on my desk. Don't ask me how I keep track of what's in which notebook since I use so many simultaneously. Anyways, here's a few of my favorite notebooks.