good enough threshold

If I always worked until a project was perfect I would never finish a single project. Good enough is good enough for me.

Studiomates Tattly office

I took a few shots around the Tattly offices / Studiomates on Friday.

// top to bottom, left to right: Paco the floating fish in time out, Tattly vending machine, the water cooler (has eyes), wall of Tattlys in retail packaging, hot sauce library (also has eyes), Tattly inventory

Photos by Bekka Palmer

three weeks in new york

I've been in New York for about three weeks now and it has been crazy busy. Lots of good things happened though:

  • I got a job working for Swiss Miss (Tina) at
  • I broke my blog (if you didn't notice last week) and then Chris fixed it for me (lifesaver!!).
  • I get to eat lunch with the amazingness that is Studiomates every day.
  • Everyday I get to see my sister + bro-in-law + nieces (that would be the tiny ladybug above that tried to follow me to work today)!!
  • I hang out in DUMBO all day.
  • Tested out CrossFit DUMBO.
  • I helped out Bri + Angela with BLOGSHOP & met lots of fun ladies there.

New York, so far, so good. Now to find a room to rent in Brooklyn (if you know of one, let me know).

if art is everywhere, art is nowhere

It drives me a little nuts when I hear someone say, "Everything is art," because if you expand the definition of art to include everything, then the word becomes essentially meaningless.

boys and girls are just different

Boys & girls are just different.

// illustration by Bekka Palmer for Minted Condition

Jocelyn Duke Paintings

You know who is rad? LA-based artist Jocelyn Duke, she's also pretty nice. She recently updated her website with a slew of new work, so check it.

// paintings from her LOVESICK series, see also: painted TOMS

work hard

People keep asking me why I'm moving to New York, and honestly it's hard to give the answer that people are looking for. No, I don't have a job offer, no I've never lived there. It's something I've wanted (dreamed about) for a long time and I just decided now is the time. It's not just New York that I want though, it's a whole lifestyle change. The people I know there work hard, like really really hard, and I want that. I want to be tired at the end of every day. 

I've heard a few people say that when they moved there their life was exactly the same as it always was. I do not want that to happen to me. I've been thinking a lot about what I want out of this move and I think the list above captures my thoughts. Could I do these things from anywhere? Of course, but I would still be dreaming of doing them in New York, so I'm making my list public. Next time you see me ask me if I'm doing one or all of these things, if I say no, you have permission to slap me.

inbound marketing

Erika from Delphine Press has kindly asked me to give a presentation to the North County Graphic Designers Meetup in a few weeks. I'm going to speak a bit about inbound marketing for designers and how you can use social networks to get more qualified clients. I'm honored she asked me to speak to this talented group. The group is open to all designers (you don't have to live/work in North County), so please join us! They are also having an Under Construction design review before I start my presentation, for full details see Creative SoCal.

// please request to join the Linkedin group to RSVP.

summer in seattle by bekka palmer

I was in Seattle last week for MozCon and to visit friends. We took a beautiful sunset walk around Lake Union before I had to go. I miss Seattle summers dearly, but winters... not so much.

// photo by Bekka Palmer for Minted Condition