lucie and emilie dolls

As gifts for my nieces this year I made them each a doll. I thought it would be more fun than shopping for pre-made toys and the girls seem to like them! Making teeny tiny doll clothes is a lot harder than adult sized dresses, but it was fun and worth the effort. Maybe next year I will make another set a little bit bigger.

happy holidays animated gif

Taking a little break for the holidays (and my birthday next week!!). Happy holidays, see you all in 2012.

holiday treats tree cupcakes

My friend Rusty and I made these tree shaped cupcakes over the weekend to bring to the Studiomates holiday party. We completely underestimated the amount of time they would take to decorate and only had time to do four, but they were still a hit!

// photograph by Rusty A. Meadows.

jet pens uni woodnote

I think I have every  iPhone and desktop productivity app known to man, but I still use regular paper and pen to keep track of all of the things (to dos, notes, doodles, ideas) that go through my head. The folks at were kind enough to send me some pens to try out. By far my favorite is the Uni Woodnote pen that writes in color (ummm, hello... color-coded notes!). These pens have a super fine tip which makes writing in small notebooks a breeze, and they have smooth ink-flow and awesome bright colors. What's not to love?!

// photo by Bekka Palmer, Uni Woodnote pens available at

studiomates as muppets

For Halloween, Studiomate Jessi Arrington had the brilliant idea for us all to dress as Muppets. We set up a little photobooth during our party and this is what happened...

// all photos from Workshop on flickr

Tattly from Made by Hand on Vimeo.

A few months ago we spent an amazing / long / fun day with the crew from Made by Hand shooting a Tattly promo spot. I'll just say, it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. All thanks to the brilliant Keith Ehrlich & Elias Ressefatti and the composer Nathan Rosenberg (and the hardworking Tattly appliers Rusty, Yoko & Kevin).

studiomates stockings

Last year, Skylar and Josh made custom stockings for all of the Studiomates. This year I borrowed some leftover supplies from them and made stockings for all of the new studiomates. Cutting tiny details in felt was a real pain, but it was so worth it when I delivered the stockings on Monday.

Pictured above are the stockings for The Swiss Army including Rusty (diamond), me (sparkle heart), Kevin (lonely meatball) and Yoko (panda).

Pictured below are Josh Clark (iPhone), A for Alonzo Felix and MF for Mike Fortress. I'm missing a photo of Frank Chimero's, but I'll grab one and add it soon.more studiomates stockings

girl walk

There are certain crowds that have an extreme positive and anxious energy to them. One common example is the energy in a corral right before a race (I've only experienced running races, but I can imagine triathlons or cycling events to have a similar energy). Last night was the first time I experienced this same common energy in a non-competitive environment. The Girl Walk // All Day premiere felt like walking into a room of giddy 12 year-olds who where about to meet Justin Bieber. The unadulterated excitement in the venue was palpable.

Then the film began. A love letter to the New York as the creators have called it.

It's true, New Yorkers are infamous for their unconditional love of New York City. The crowd went wild for all of the New York landmarks, but it was about so much more than loving a city. It was about living life, and letting loose the dance that lives inside of you.

I have most definitely never been to a movie where the entire crowd is on their feet bouncing to the soundtrack. Of course, this particular soundtrack by Girl Talk is especially dance-inducing.

It's hard to describe how truly incredible the film is. All I can say is that it was impossible for any member of the audience to contain the dance that lived inside of them last night.

// for more information about the film or to help host an event in your city visit

ben franklin's daily routine

It is becoming more and more clear to me that I am a person of routine. I feel best when my days follow a pattern.

Erica recently turned me onto the site Daily Routines: How writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days. I've spent much of my day reading and obsessing over the routines of other creative and innovative people. It seems like a mundane part of their lives, but in most of the interviews it shows that their real genius happens because of the structure each person sets for their days. The biggest pattern I saw, whether a night owl, or early riser is that most spend at least a four hour period each day working without distraction.

I can't tell you the last time I worked for that long without at least taking a peek at Twitter or my email or iPhone...

// above: Ben Franklin's daily routine


In the past year I have complained more than once about having first world problems, but in truth I am thankful everyday for:

  • My family
  • New York
  • Old friends
  • New friends
  • My job
  • Random smiles from strangers.