pixel tape and colored pencils

get pixelated with tape and colored pencils from fred flare.

i spend a ridiculous amount of time cruising zappos.com™ looking at shoes. i figured, since i spend so much time weeding through their thousands of women's shoes on a regular basis, I should share my weekly top picks here.

< p>1 {corso como fabulous} 2 {nine west eastbound} 3 {onitsuka tiger by asics mexico 66} 4 {puma adalyn} 5 {paul smith}


note: this post is not sponsored by zappos.com™ and minted condition is in no way affiliated with zappos.com™

sonicare toothbrush

my sonicare toothbrush has quickly become my favorite everyday object. my old toothbrush was invisible to me.. i never really noticed it even though i used it multiple times each day. this toothbrush is design genius. i went out of town for a few days and brought a regular toothbrush because i didn't want to carry the charger.. that was a huge mistake. i didn't appreciate the amazing features until i recognized their absence. the philips sonicare does some amazing things:

  • it gives an extra buzz every 30 seconds so you know to move to a new section of your mouth, but it's not an obtrusive beep, it's not even really a noise, you just feel it and know
  • the charging station is futuristic. there are no metal prongs to match up, it's just a touch-based charging system, all you have to do is set the toothbrush down
  • the head is easy to remove.. and easy to clean

i just can't get enough of this toothbrush.. all in all i would say this is one of my top 3 favorite tech gadgets in my home (next to the iPhone and MacPro).

oh and you can purchase on amazon!

photos by minted condition

running outfit

it's been a few weeks since my last race, and i think it's time to get motivated to run again. maybe a new run wardrobe will get me back out there...

pancake party

some friends and i had a design*sponge inspired pancake party over the weekend. we were joined by a furry friend who was only in it for the aunt jemima! i designed the name cards and made the garlands. all of the girls brought something for the party and the whole thing turned out great despite the cloudy weather!

I am a little completely obsessed with notebooks. I usually have at least 2 in my purse and a few sitting on my desk. Don't ask me how I keep track of what's in which notebook since I use so many simultaneously. Anyways, here's a few of my favorite notebooks.

notebook round up part 1
mini notebooks for your pocket or purse
1 {seasons notebook set by bailey doesn't bark}
2 {bright booklet set by orange beautiful}
3 {geek books by erinzam}
4 {dip dyed journals from anthropologie}


notebook roundup part 3
1 {diamond & stripe noted from present & correct}
2 {legendary notebook by archie grand}
3 {nature exploration stones notebook by oh joy}
4 {pinwheel notebook by oh joy}
5 {nautical journal by minimega}


notebook roundup part 2
1 {freelancer notepad by holiday matinee}
2 {action method by behance network} if you are a creative and you haven't tried the action method yet, i suggest you jump over there to see how you can maximize your time and make ideas happen
3 {rhombes by minimega}
4 {all weather outdoor journal by rite-in-the-rain} these notebooks are too cool, they have a coated paper that allows them to get wet and you can even write on them when they are wet
5 {striped spectrum journal from anthropologie}


notebook roundup part 5
this set is especially cool, the notebooks link together to make one big notebook.
1 {complete set by start here}
2 {lined linkable by start here}


notebook roundup part 4
1 {arctop by lq} comes with a pen which fits into the spine for easy transport
2 {geometry jotter by present & correct}
3 {notebook case for moleskine by chikabird & randL}
4 {original thoughts juicebox journal by andy pratt design}
5 {childrens exercise book by present & correct}

kate spade picnic bike basket

Yes please! I would use this kate spade basket for bicycle picnics each and every day!

Thanks Mrs. Lilien for the tip!