the good folks over at delicious industries have quite the collection of auto badges.. here's a quick sample and you can see more on their blog: auto type I, auto type II, auto type III, auto type IV & auto type V.

unison home striped bedding

i love this super clean striped bedding from unison home.

// left to right track poppy, martin lilac & tatami taupe

come over to oh joy to see my coverage of dwell on design

i went to dwell on design over the weekend... go to oh joy to see what i found!

three piece sparkle outfit

turn heads with this week's take three tuesday!

1 { j.crew sequin drizzle tank } 2 { steve madden kasidy sandal } 3 { banana republic paper bag skirt }

dresses from ruche store

ruche, an online store features new apparel inspired by vintage items. i love their lineup of dresses that maintain a modern look with vintage details.

// left to right lunch at tiffany's dress, zip me up dress, love in the afternoon dress, fit for athena dress, browsing the stacks dress

budmo jiggler typeface specimen

i'm usually very picky about my typefaces and tend to lean towards the high end ones. but lately i have seen budmo jiggler all over the place and i think it's a fun addition for casual invites or even blog layouts.

// budmo jiggler by itself is free, but is part of a larger family available for purchase at my fonts.

ginnerobot flickr photographs

i came across ginny's photostream while searching for photographs of vintage bikes. it's amazing where flickr can take you! i also am a sucker for those daily creations and she has a photo a day set for 2010.

// all photos licensed with creative commons top to bottom, right to left shoes, one year, bike + truck, feb 3, 2010 (34/365)

emersonmade clothing and accessories

choosing the best of emersonmade is like choosing a favorite flavor of gelato. they are all delicious but, i managed to pick four items i would buy right now.

1 { summer clutch } 2 { e.a.t. linens } 3 { new! skirt with pockets } 4 { the big poppy }

*sorry i can't link to the specific items... they don't have individual urls.

paper valise images

papier valise is a gem of an online shop. they have endless rows of new and vintage paper, glass, metal and plastic baubles. the blog {scissor variations} is a mecca for all things craft. if you oogle over nice displays of craft supplies like i do, this is the place for you!

// images from the {scissor variations} blog

colors dishes

do you like your dishes with the color on the inside? these are so cute!

left {urban outfitters true colors mug} right {pigeon toe ceramics mini creamers}