white blossoming trees in a row

It seems like overnight these trees blossomed to welcome spring. I wish I knew the name of them because they seem to be lining every street. They smell fresh and clean and have me excited for warmer temperatures.

white blossoming trees with building

white blossoms with world trade center in background

The new World Trade Center building is growing quite rapidly. I've been trying to get shots of it from different angles at least once a week so I can compile them once construction is complete. It's turning out to be a beautiful building and a symbol of healing and rebuilding post 9/11.

// photos by Bekka Palmer

jorinde voight painting

Love these blue swashes from Jorinde Voight!

pink door in park slope

So, I haven't really introduced you to my new 'hood yet. Welcome to Park Slope, or I should say South Slope. I live on the south edge of Park Slope, a neighborhood known most for its new-age parents. In the past few months I have come to know it as so much more (and luckily on the south side we don't get too many of these people).

bikes in park slope

One of the most important things I was looking for in a neighborhood is great restaurants. In that department, I think Park Slope may be unmatched. I can eat any kind of food within walking distance and it's usually affordable and delicious. 

green gates

It's a pretty happy and safe place and I couldn't be happier in this neighborhood. It's home to my great gym, a bunch of my friends, two subway lines, good grocery stores and fun stores. I'm already eyeing multi-million dollar brownstones as future potential homes!

and old sign

// photos by Bekka Palmer for Minted Condition

flowers photo by bekka palmer

Sometimes you just need an easy Saturday. Workout, eat, read, nap, read, eat, go for a walk, cook, eat, have a beer. It's nice not to have any plans and just see where the day takes you. I just need to get over that nagging guilt that I didn't do any work today (*gasp* one whole day without work?!?!?).

bekka palmer's week

How is it Friday already?! Sometimes the weeks fly by so quickly I lose track of the days. Here's some snaps from my week. 

wedge shoes from kate spade

kate spade new york has done it again... This year's wedge is cute as a button, and perfectly colored for spring and summer.

// candice, lindsay, more

I have always been a reader, I love burying myself in novels. I read on the train, before bed and on the weekends. Basically, anytime I have a spare moment I can be caught reading. Here are my recommendations and to-read list for this month.

A few books I just finished

books I'm reading

A Visit from the Goon Squad
by Jennifer Egan
The Lonely Polygamist
by Brady Udall
The Marriage Plot
by Jeffrey Eugenides


Some books to read again

books I want to read again

The Hunger Games Trilogy
by Suzanne Collins
Just get the whole trilogy now! 1Q84
by Haruki Murakami


A few things on my wishlist

books I want to read

The Night Circus
by Erin Morgenstern
The Baker's Daughter
by Sarah McCoy
Skeletons at the Feast
by Chris Bohjalian


What are you reading right now?

animal planters

These little guys are pretty cute. My home needs some serious green right now.

lists to make lists about

After reading about Mia Noltings book of lists on sho & tell yesterday I thought it would be fun to make some lists of my own. I started by making a list of things to make lists about. It's kind of a nice way to reflect on what you have done and what you want to do. What kinds of life lists do you keep?

// Photo and list by Bekka Palmer for Minted Condition

little moon

Last week and the weekend had some beautifully sunny days... The moon (above) was peeking out from behind my apartment building and the sky was so blue. I've said it before, but these changes in weather have me smiling.

I found some other fun stuff on my iPhone including a photo of everyone's keys from the studio. We all have a ridiculous number of keys with us everyday. I met some new friends at casa Kristin Saturday night while she was learning to make layer cake. I can't complain about having friends that love to cook!

little moon