stand out from the crowd with a custom favicon

I have so many blog-world friends using Blogger that when I open all of their blogs in tabs (guilty, I usually have no less than 50 tabs open) they all start to look the same. I would love to see more people taking advantage of custom favicons in Blogger.

As a favor to other chronic tabbers, I am offering a new favicon update service.

The details:
What Update your Blogger favicon from the default.
How much $50
What you need to provide A 16 pixel by 16 pixel image and access to your Blogger backend.
Email hello [at] mintedcondition [dot] com if you are interested!

In addition, I always offer design services so if you need your favicon designed and updated I am giving a special rate of $80 for MC readers.

Let's make the web a better place one favicon at a time!

Shop Ferse Verse

Love the new shop Ferse Verse by Furze Chan.

// clockwise from top left: fan, bracelet, flags, vase

minted condition is turning 1

I have officially been blogging on Minted Condition for one year! Happy happy anniversary!

happy friday everyone!

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.

// photo by Friedemann Hauss styled by Jana Pokorny for Marie Claire Australia February 2011, as seen on Dustjacket Attic

hot air balloons and feathers

Lately I've been inspired by hot air balloons and paper feathers. Just you wait and see what I have cookin'! Don't forget to sign up for the Minted Condition newsletter to be the first to hear about special updates.

// clockwise from top left: Flight of the Elephants by Terry Fan, Jose Villa Photography, feathers via Mark Montano

dots watercolor by bekka palmer

A painting from last night.

// watercolor original by Bekka Palmer

Scripts by Steven Heller and Louise Fili

My amazon shipment containing Scripts: Elegant Lettering from Design's Golden Age by Steven Heller and Louise Fili arrived the other day and I nearly tripped over myself in excitement. The book basically shows off the most beautiful type specimens of every script you've never heard of. I strongly recommend it for anyone involved in graphic design or just for those who like to look at pretty type.

If you have never heard of Louise Fili, I suggest you head over to her site to see what kind of scripts she is capable of creating. Some of the talented type nerds that have been under her tutelage include Jessica Hische and Dana Tanamachi.

In other news, I've started an email list for exclusive first looks at special news from Minted Condition (separate from the RSS emails). The first email will be heading out this month so sign up already!!

// photo by Bekka Palmer

style play work shop announcement

Justina from Compai and I are at it again. It's time for another Style.Play.Work.Shop! This time it's all about summer, tell us what summer means to you. You can use anything you want, just as long as it screams, "SUMMER!"

The Details
Submissions need to be in by end of day June 21 July 4
Add your entry to the Flickr Group
If you haven't already signed up, get on our list!

We can't wait to see what you come up with.

To see previous editions of Style.Play.Work.Shop see the style play category.

condor's nest photo shoot

I have been so busy prepping for a photoshoot that I have had no time to blog. The photoshoot was yesterday and now that it's over I can give you a little sneak peek!

We took some models and tables up to The Condor's Nest Ranch ranch near Bonsall, CA to do a wedding inspiration shoot. I made most of the paper products and styled the tables with Taylored Occasions.

I can't wait to get the photos back from La Vida Creations and show you all the whole thing.

// photos taken with Fuji Instax by Bekka Palmer

Battle Inbox: How to get through your inbox without going crazy.

Yesterday, I was tweeting with Will from Bright Bazaar and he said his inbox is exhausting him. I told him I had a new ruthless way of clearing my inbox and only keeping things that really need my attention. I shared my method with him, but wanted to share it with all of you as well, since I know email organization can be daunting. 

I used to try to keep everything in nice categorized folders, but guess what? They were too complicated and I never used them, so I changed my ways. I made a single folder called "DONE" and when I'm done responding to an email it goes in there. If it doesn't need a response it goes in there. We are lucky we live in an age where the search function can find any email we need later, but for now, if you don't need to look at it in your inbox, then don't.

If you have a better way, leave a comment! I am always open to new suggestions to tackle this modern foe.