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// image via ffffound

paris map

I didn't come all the way to Paris just to shop at American stores. With a little internet sleuthing and the help of this map, I found some amazing places to get some true souvenirs, available only here.

off the grid shopping in paris

  • E. Dehillerin {industrial catering supplies, many specific to french cuisine} 18 rue Coquillière
  • La Drogerie {trimmings and such, a crafters heaven} 9 rue du Jour
  • Báhn-mì {the owner is a sweet lady who will tell you she makes the best báhn-mì in the world, and it's probably true} 7 rue Volta
  • BHV {a French department store that has literally everything} 55 rue de la Verrerie
  • Melodies Graphiques {a stationery and calligraphy store with fancy papers, pens and ephemera} 10 rue du Pont Louise-Philippe

My mom and I walked from our hotel to all of these shops (see my map). The full loop took several hours at a leisurely pace, but I came back with major goodies and got a walking tour of the third and fourth arrondissements.

paris from the river

beach at Antibes, France

We went out for a little daytrip to Antibes. What a charming town!

flag in antibes

flag in antibes

antibes sailboat

little shadow

The photos below are from the top of Le Suquet in Cannes.

the view from le suquet

looking down from le suquet

nice, france

Today we went to Nice and walked the market, ate lunch and walked along the beach. It was beautiful and lovely and felt just like a vacation should. To see some family photos see my flickr.

world trade center from jfk airport

Day one in Cannes was a success: pain au chocolat, beach, baguette & cheese, walking the boardwalk / riding carousels, gnocchi & rosé. Below are a few photos from our first day. Above is the World Trade Center from JFK before takeoff.

cannes, france

cannes, france

cannes, france

cannes, france

the beach at cannes, france

tom sachs

Sunday afternoon (after regretfully canceling a beach day) a friend invited me to see an exhibit that I had been dying to see. The Tom Sachs Space Program: Mars exhibit was one of the most delightful shows I have seen. There could not have been a better inclement weather activity.

tom sachs mission control

nasa chairs by tom sachs

tom sachs red phone

The show is nearly inexplicable, but if you ever get a chance to see one of his Space Programs, you must. Tom Sachs was there himself (pictured below) running some of the scenes. The show was at Park Avenue Armory which is a huge gallery / art space on the Upper East Side.

toms sachs himself

tom sachs do not touch

One of my favorite parts was the Cinema, you can watch all five of the films they screened online: Ten Bullets / Color / How to Sweep / Love Letter to Plywood / Space Camp 2012. If you are unfamiliar with Tom Sachs' work, watch Ten Bullets, it outlines the rules for working for at his studio which are generally great rules for life.

tom sachs sneakers

tom sachs workouts

tom sachs skateboard

Below is an animated gif of one of the many demonstrations I had the pleasure and good luck to view.

tom sachs liftoff

// all photographs by Bekka Palmer

wandering around new york

You know how those days you didn't make any plans for end up being the best days? That happened to me on Friday night. I met up with my friends Kevin and Stef; we had no real plans or commitments so we just started wandering around Brooklyn. That freedom allowed us to run & jump through the sand in a volleyball court. And glimpse the sunset from a promenade we didn't even know existed. We went to two new bars, and have no idea how to get back to them. While we were out wandering we made up some rules for wandering, and decided that we should wander more often, and share the art of wandering with our friends.

rules for wandering

No. 0: No maps or navigation devices allowed.

No. 1: Don't tell anyone you're wandering except you're co wanderers.

No. 2: Don't go into the first place you see unless they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner twenty-four hours a day.

No. 3: If you see an Urban Outfitters you are too near mainstream streets. 

No. 4: Avoid the police, even if you're innocent.

No. 5: Trust your instincts.

No. 6: No shopping, Bekka.

No. 7: If you are looking for food or beverages and you skip over four places, you must go into number five.

No. 8: No salads.

No. 9: Just eat it.

No. 10: Use the bathroom every chance you get.

No. 11: If there is guacamole, order it.

No 12: Ignore the rules.

// instagrams by Bekka Palmer and jumpstagram by Kevin Huynh

what you feel outside is different than what you feel inside. pascal perich

I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Pascal Perich this morning and as we were looking through his portfolio he told me Richard Serra's instructions for viewing one of his sculptures:

First, you stand about ten feet away, and walk the entire perimeter.
Then, you stand very close and walk the perimeter again.
Finally, you enter the sculpture and walk through the interior.

He said, "What you feel outside is different than what you feel inside. You're supposed to be confused, and have no point of reference between the outside and the inside."

I think it's time for another visit to Dia:Beacon so I can follow Serra's own instructions for viewing his work.

beach day calendar

Since this beach tour is becoming a big part of my summer, I made a calendar with tentative dates. If you want to join on any of the days above, sign up here! You can also get details for this weekend right here.

heart stitched iphone case

I bought this cross-stitch iPhone case over the weekend and cross-stiched this bright green heart on it. Fun huh? There are more colors at Purl Soho!

green iphone case